Color Codes

Anyone have any plusses/minuses of using the same color code on multiple towers?

I have a coworker who wants to make all our towers the same color code to allow roaming of SM’s.

Different color code for each Ap, This will help you as you add customers

Strongly recommend every AP gets a unique color code.

If you have an AP that is more heavily loaded but has better RF levels, SM’s will keep adding to the better AP loading it further.

It’s better to have positive control over the SM’s behavior and AP loading.

So, even for a cluster of 6 AP’s, you would assign 6 different color codes to that tower?

I’ve previously been using 1 color code per cluster, to allow roaming within the cluster, but not outside of the tower. Seems to have made it fairly easy for the site survey crew as well.

I definitely can see a point of doing the color code per AP thing though. I guess what I’ve done in the past is used the channel selection in the SM to limit which AP on the tower they connect to.

The color code allows you control over the sm, We check all the freq. in the sm that way if there is interference we can change the freq in the Ap and the sm units follow it. if you are only checking one freq in each sm then it would require a truck roll if you change the freq in the Ap.

Been there!

Like clueless, we also check all the frequencies for the same reason.

We have a map that shows the coverage of each AP’s and associated color code for that area. The installer already has the color code in the SM before even getting on the roof.

The SM AP Eval Data allows an installer to see multiple APs as long as the frequencies are checked.

We run one color code per cluster, even with 12 APs. If some AP has few registered users we do frequency scan and change the channel. We check all the available frequencies on the SMs. In cases of interference we uncheck just the frequency of the AP where the SM fails to register.

It’s much easier to manage large network with few parameters to remember and keep track of.

our first 900Mhz Tower (the only one we are haveing problems with)
is set to color code 0 what i want to know is sens 0 normaly mean unlimited is 0 not a real color code?

0 would be the default color code.

I re-use color codes throughout my network where the SMs won’t have a chance of registering to that AP. EG: My main cluster has color codes 10, 11, and 12. 30 miles to the West that cluster has the same color codes. Anything in between uses something different.

900mhzdude: Color code 0 is a specific code like all the others, there is no wildcard color code.

thanks for the fast and helpful reply