[color=indigo][b]How many subscribers per SM?[/b][/color]

Hi all, first of all let me thank the people who posted a reply on my post http://motorola.canopywireless.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=255

Now, if I install a Canopy SM, how many clients can I have and what max up/downlink speeds can they achieve? Lets put a case I have 50 people in a building that want to have access to internet. Can I place a SM on the building and then redestribute it using distributing hardware?
Is one SM enough and what bandwith can it allocate?

Thanks for your replies.

The answer to this depends upon the definition of “use the Internet”. For general email support and web surfing a single SM can support a LAN of this size.

Now as you start adding peer-2-peer sharing… streaming video… web hosting you could see some issues… I would drop in the SM and manage client expectations and propose a plan to add capacity as client needs increase (i.e. migrate to a higher capacity link via BH pairs or drop SMs into smaller VLANs on the existing client LAN)

I agree with the above. A solution might just be around the corner though. Once the Advantage SMs are released early next year (so they say), and with an Advantage AP, you will have a throughput capability of 15 Mbps, instead of 4 Mbps. That might just solve your problems altogether. Of course you will have to wait for that equipment to become available.