comments about my current values epmp2k force 190/180.

Hi guys.

I have setup our first epmp2000 with 2 clients, force 180 && 190.

I would like to show our current stadistics and see if u see something that I could change to get better deployment, thanks.Screenshot from 2018-07-02 17-27-26.pngScreenshot from 2018-07-02 17-27-35.png

Screenshot from 2018-07-02 17-27-41.png

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looks good to me , if my aps can deliver 80% of packets on mcs15 I am hapy :slight_smile:


Thanks Makoto my concern was the retranmision packets.

Normally I would like to have 0 there, but is wireless, this value es low?

Thanks again.

Will never see 0. But...2.5% is not bad.

Real concern is upload retrans from SM's. If you have high percentage rates there, reduce max MCS level in the SM's.