comp not playing nicely

i heard thru the grapevine that a local competitor is ‘amping’ their signal from their towers. i know this is all hear say or course. but is there some kind of way i can tell? something to look for? will the fcc do anything if they are? any tips would be great

Spectrum Analyzer for whatever frequency range, hire one or find someone to lend you it. Signal strength/frequency then do the maths.

Amps don’t mean they are over the legal EIRP (though they probably are).

I assume they are using 802.11b/g so you could determine the transmit power using this:

You will need to get directly on-axis to the face of the antenna. Using the freespace loss rule of -6dB for every doubling of the distance you can determine what the actual transmit power is.

they are using canopy 900mhz gear. they blow us out in an area where are at. and they are far away. it doesn’t make sense that they have such a strong sig… our tower is 2 miles away and theirs is over 7 and they have a stronger signal by far. just seems strange, then we talked to a guy that supposedly knows what they are doing. again this is just what one guy said, true or not i dont know. but i would like to find out some way

what antennas are they using? what are you using?