Compare throughput between e501s and e410 at the location,distance

Any one can explain for me know.Why are throughput between e501s and e410 different at the location,distance

I made be speedtest for e501s and e410 by smart phone

Result finally that is e410 have throughput better more than e501s.I don't understand Why?

I check configuartion boths of device.Every things are fine for:

Channel: auto for 2.4ghz -> don't have interference on the channel

Channel width:20 Mhz

Transmit Power:auto


Any one tell me know.What's main problem

Thanks so much

I have attach picture daigram below


The E501S has a sector antenna which means it directs the RF energy. The Azimuth and Elevation charts are shown in the data sheet here.

I would make sure you are testing within the main antenna lobe. If you're stood outside this you'll likely get a reduced signal rate.

Also the mentioned that the transmit power was set to auto, can you check to see what the transmit power is?

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I enter transmit power 28dBm and stand near 501s to test throughput by 2 smart phone other but result the same for throughput not good

One thing importance any more that is I had replaced 501s into 410 to check Throughput.Result e410 have throughput very good

Umm that is strange. What about the 5GHz channel, is this enabled on both APs? And if so what channel widths are both APs using.

I would expect a variation in performance between both APs due to different antenna’s being used but I wouldn’t expect this to be a large variation.

What throughput results are you getting with both AP’s?


About 5Ghz band.I tried test.Throughput approximately good.However I only worry 2.4Ghz band because My customer's use it to transmission data to Camera Wifi with resolution very high.It is only active at 2.4Ghz band not receve 5Ghz band

What are the throughput results from each AP?

Also when you said that you replaced the AP did you keep the AP location the same (both APs on the same space). If so were they using the same channel?

Hi Wright-Fi

This is some picture test throughput between 501s and 410 at location same with distance only have 0.5 meter

Boths of AP use channel the same


If both APs are using the same channel and are 0.5 meters away that might be your problem.

As the e410 is omni directional it is possible that it is interfering with the e501s but not the other way around.

Are you please able to change the channel and try again?

Hi Wright-Fi

I'm mean That is I test throughput for each on the AP and then I compare result boths of AP together

Sorry Tran Xuan Man I'm not sure what you mean?

I'm mean!

 I test throughput for 501 first and then i dismantle 501s and install 410 at location 501s finally test throughput for 410

I'm not test throughput for 501s and 410 at the time

Ahh OK I understand now, honestly I'm not sure then why there is a difference in throughput then.

With all other factors being equal the radios are the same so I'd expect similar throughput. I'd maybe expect some variation as the antennas are different but I would'nt expect the throughput to be halved.

Perhaps you could log a case with Cambium and they can look into it in more detail but I'm out of ideas.

Thanks Wright-Fi for discuss with me about this case