Comparing AP group configuration with out of sync access points before syncing


We are using an on-prem cnMaestro controller, which currently has about 100 access points connected to it. Our AP-groups are set to “Auto-Sync off,” and occasionally, I make some configuration changes to specific AP-groups. As expected, after these changes, the access points in the modified group display a status of “Not in Sync.”

Now, I have recently returned from vacation and noticed that there is an entire AP-group where all devices are out of sync. Before syncing them back, I would like to compare the current configuration of the AP group with that of the individual access points that are not in sync. This way, I can ensure that I am aware of the “new” configuration that will be applied to the APs once they are synced.

Are there any way to compare the AP-group’s configuration with individual access points to ensure I know what changes in configuration will be synced to the access point?