Compatibility PMP400AP 5.4GHz with PMP430SM 5.4GHz

We use PMP400AP 5.4GHz with PMP400SM 5.4GHz for 6 years. PMP400SM is broken.

Can we use another SM?

Will PMP400AP 5.4HGz compatible with PMP430SM 5.4GHz?


You can use a PMP 430 SM and a PMP 400 AP but there are some restrictions.
The channel bandwidth must be 10 MHz and also the cyclic prefix have to be ΒΌ.

A PMP 400 Series 5.4-GHz radio with 10MHz channels will interoperate with a PMP 430 Series 5.4-GHz radio configured with 10MHz channel bandwidth and 1/4 cyclic prefix.


However due to the different carrier and modulation schemes between these OFDM radios and FSK Canopy radios, the two do not interoperate over the air. For example, a PMP 430/400 Series 5.4-GHz OFDM SM cannot connect to a 5.4-GHz FSK AP.

Hardik Patel