Conectorized AP

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any experience conectorizing 5.7 AP’s in order to conect higher gain antenas to the original equipment?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

last mile does it. voids the warranty. they solder a connector on the back of the board where the internal antenna is currently.

If you make a mistake, you buy a new one as moto will not warranty it.

We have done several but we are a motorola 2 way mss rf is our main business. How mutch gain do you need? If you are worried about loosing your warrenty try it on an older unit first or try one of these you can get up to 29dbi on 5.7 or 24dbi on 2.4

We are using one on one end of a BH link. Works great.

Very narrow, useful only for SM’s and BH’s.

would it work on an AP? I need to increase the power, because there are a lot of radios on the same tower that I am on.

The internal antenna on the AP is 60 degrees wide. The reflector narrows that down to 3 degrees.

The Canopy 5.7GHz effective range is 10 miles with an 18dB reflector on the SM, 3 miles without. You can push this out a little further by using one of the Pac Wireless grid antennas on the SM side. If you are having distance issues and your customers are not within these ranges, then you need to consider adding 2.4GHz or 900MHz canopy AP’s to your system to increase your coverage footprint.

the 900MHz will reach out past 20 miles and provide excellent non Line of Sight performance inside 5 miles. The 2.4GHz 2ill reach out to 15 miles (with a reflector on the SM). The non-LOS performance of the 2.4GHz is not very good, and the 5.7GHz must have clear line of sight.