Config Questions

He all,

Just a few questions that I couldn't find in the documentation. We're trialing the ePMP for deployment. I would love a call from a Cambium Rep on these *cough* *COUGH*


  • Will the device obtain a DHCP lease automatically and then take DHCP option (43 or 60) info for HTTP or TFTP server and config file instructions and can the config file include the management and subscriber VLAN info?
  • How many VLANs can be passed through on the Subscriber Module radio?
  • Best Practive for selecting radio channels for use?

MIR / Rate limiting

  • Can we push rate limits from the management server rather than logging into each radio directly?
  • Looks like it’s all central in CNS and then pushed to the AP and SM  devices?
  • Are there settings for rate shaping to adjust queue size, priority, etc?

Desired Config:

  • Management IP address for the client side radio
  • Radio operating as a bridge for the customer and passing a DHCP assigned address through to a CPE such a customer owned router and must limit DHCP offerings across the bridge (three offerings).
  • Rate limiting:
    1. Limit the egress rate on both the AP and SM devices.
    2. Have pre-built configurations that can be applied