[CONFIG] VLAN traffic tagged in cnWave (CPE)

Good afternoon,

we are testing some devices as PMP mode with a v5000 and some V1000/V3000 connected

With our PMP 450 ntwork, though a radius the constumers connects in PPPoE with a specific VLAN (i.e. vlan 100 in the Default Port VID field) so you don’t need to configure a specific VLAN in the costumer’s router.

How to configure on the V1000/V3000 devices the same mode as the PMP 450 network?
enable the Q mode inside VLAN there’re many fields.
How I need to do it?


Please select Port Type as ‘Q’ and enter VLAN ID (say 100) in the ‘Native VLAN ID’ field.

VLAN features for reference.

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It’s working!

Thank you!