Configuración VLAN Managenment & Trunk radio PTP 450 (C009045B001A)

We have problems with the radios C009045B001A, which are in trunk mode through which the service (ID 3060,3070,3080) and administration (ID 3050) vlans pass. All services are operating normally, but the drawback we have is that we cannot enter the administration of the radios (IP & Administration Vlan), in order to access the radio we must connect directly to its LAN and we cannot manage them from the other Vlans.

Tests performed:

  1. Default radios on vlan1, trunking services pass through, but I can’t manage the radios.

  2. In the administration of the radio I configure the management Vlan, there I obtain the administration of the radio through the network, but the service trunked vlans stop passing me.

Vlan on my network:
Network Management: VLAN 3050
Service Vlans (trunked): 3060,3070,3080

I need to manage the radios with Vlan 3050 and in turn pass the services of Vlans 3060,3070,3080

Best regards!