Configuration criteria is different on cnMatrix and cnMaestro

Pop-up error during sync: „fsusrMgmtUserPassword”

This is a data field in the imported, switch group JSON config file - the password of the admin user. JSON config is exported from an other cnMaestro account and that account works perfectly.

Debug steps:

  1. I repeated the password on the cloud (14 chars, small letter - large letter - numbers): same error msg.
  2. I tried with admin1234 (can’t save it due to complexity)
  3. Tried Admin1234: can save it, start syncing, but switch error message: regarding password complexity, needs special character
  4. Modified password to Admin1234@, save and sync successful

I found that password complexity criteria is different on cnMaestro switch group and on the switch itself.

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Thank you for reporting this issue! I have added it to our bug tracker and we will be looking into it.