Configuration e500 on the cloud

Hi peoples!

I have 2 option for e500

Option1: E500 connect with SM via wireless to AP put at center

Option 2: E500 connect directly to Switch at center

All device had onboard on the cloud but e500 for option 2 manager by SM.I want configuration e500 have location owner not depend on SM in folde tree at nework on the cloud

Please help me! Thanks so much

Hi Tran,

I could not get your query. Could you please describe it.

Thank You.

Hi Tran,

If I have understood your question correctly you can add mutiple networks and add multiple sites within your networks to organise your devices.

Here is an example of one Network (called "Home"), with 2 sites ("Home Lab" and "My House").


To add a Network or a Site, you need to click on the 3 dots and click "Add Network".

Add Network.png

That I mean! How is configuration E500-2 not depend on SM-TRU-02

Follow picture attach

Thanks so much my friend

After creating your seperate network/site go into the configuration of the invidual AP and choose what network and site you want it to be a part of.

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I known what do you say!However

When we creating one link wireless in network/site from AP/SM-E500! no problem! But I want configuration some E500 stand alone in networks! in this case can not right!

Please show me



Based on my understanding, you would like to place e500 independently but not under any SM. In that case, you can add a site under network [PFA screenshot for reference] and move all your e500's under that site.

Thanks so much