Configuration File Export / Import from Web Interface

Overall, we’ve had very good experiences with adding the new PMP450 products into our existing network. However…one of the biggest drawbacks with the Cambium PMP450 SM’s when comparing them to our current Ubiquiti Airmax devices is that there is currently no way to export a configuration file from an AP or SM and import it onto another radio.

We always upload a base configuration file on our Ubiquiti products to ensure consistency when adding new radios to the network, or when re-configuring the radio to use at a new location. Uploading a base configuration file saves a significant amount of time AND ensures all the necessary variables in the configuration are changed to match our current network configuration. (Without having to worry about the installer to match every small change we’ve made to the factory defaults)

Please provide some type of tool (that would be available in the web interface) to import and export configurations from the PMP450 SM’s and AP’s.

This capability does not currently exist, but we are working on this for a future software release. This feature will allow configurations to be saved from a device, uploaded to a device, and changed (offline).

Thanks for your reply. I’m very glad to hear this is something on the road map for the PMP450 line. We’ve had really good luck with the PMP450 5ghz platform so far. and this will definitely help in speeding things along in the field for our installers.


It has been a few months since someone last posted on this thread.

Do you know if this change has been implemented? If there is already a way to download the CFG file from the PMP450?

If so, should we update the firmware or what should we do to be able to download this config file?

Thank you and regards from Guatemala!


The ability to import and export configuration from 450 will be part of the 13.3 release scheduled for end of the year. Watch out for the open beta announcement soon.