Configuration Scheduled Access fail

Hi every one!

I had configurationed Scheduled Access feature for My customer's use e600 (version software 3.10.2-r1) but Customer complaint me that is still Access internet all time 

I have attach picture below. I do'nt know configurationed Scheduled Access right or wrong! please someone help me

Thanks all

Can you please share the techsupport of AP to my email 

1) Tech support can be downloaded using "Login AP --> Navigate To Operations --> Download TechSupport under System "

2) Also please provide the output of "show clock" command output by SSH to AP 

Hi Moderator!

I sent for you file config via your mail.Please check mail for me and tell me know what's happen with file config
if you need any information please tell me! i will send for you
Thanks so much

As discussed with you in email chain, please change the NTP server settings on AP's and verify the feature is working or not. Even after NTP sync, if you still see the issue let us know.