configuration templates => not saving user credentials


I have set up a SM template (configured 1 SM with the required parameters, then made a backup) and I'm restoring this file to new SM in order to have all customers with the same setup, etc.

The problem is that the .json file generated by the backup option doesn't save the users and passwords so I have to fix this one by one SM.

Is there any option to set the user/password of the SM with the configuration file? Using the binary format?



I suspect we are not supporting the back up password due to security reasons. We will look into the option to save it in the binary version of the file.



please study this option if not in the cleartext file , in the binary one as it is very tedious to configure 100 sm , manually settng the password on all them.. this causes mistakes.

best regards


HiĀ Antonio,

We will definitely consider this option. For now passwords are stored in binary configuration file, but not in json configuration file. So you can setup one unit and then upload binary config from this unit to all the rest.

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