Configuration update failed due to device timeout

Dear Sirs,

I’ve changed the LAN where a E500 was attached, now the device result offline.

Is there any tool to DISCOVER in LAN and RESET the device without physical access?

Actually it’s clients are connected to internet but it doesn’t happear on the LAN and neither in the cnMaestro.

Thanks, BR


Please help me with exact changes in LAN connections?

You can unicast me with details.

Thank you.

Thanks for reply,
we’ve only changed this setting: from static to DHCP, then it’s gone offline, but it still show old ip address, if I set my pc to that lan segment no one answer from ping.

Please refer user guide on how to access AP via backdoor IP. (169.254.x.y)

Thanks, I’ve found the ip, I can see that the host is up via port scanner but it refuse connections thought browser http://169.254xx.
Any idea?

Please try SSH to device.

ssh admin@169.254.z.z return: Connection timeout

Could you please share LED status if possible?

No, it’s on a roof, main problem is that physical access isn’t possible at this time.
Anyway could you confirm that with a factory reset I can find it again in the cnmaestro portal?

Since its pinging via 169.254.x.y IP, I need to ensure the state of device based on LED state.
Its not advisable to suggest factory reset before confirming present state.

Right now it’s not practicable to see the LEDs, anyway clients are connecting only management is missing.

Any way to factory reset?