Configuration upload to cnPilot R195P router using cnMaestro

Hi, I have installed a router at customer house and it has missing some configurations and changed some configurations. But, still it is on cnMaestro and I can see the router. What I need is to reconfigure the router with original configuration(custom SSID’s , Passwords etc). How can I achieve this remotely if possible? Thank you

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You can configure the router from cnMaestro. You can find configuration guide(cnMaestro 3.0.3 On-Premises User Guide) at Log In / Cambium Networks Support . Go to provisioning → Wireless LAN configuration → cnPilot Home and Enterprise Wifi
If you still need help configuring , please raise a ticket on .


Hi Nilesh,
Thanks for the reply. Currently I am using cnMaestro cloud version. Is it possible to do it on cloud platform as well?

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Hi @udithas,

Yes, the on-premises user guide is also applicable for configuration procedures in cloud.

cnPilot Home supports both full device configuration using AP Groups/WLANs and partial configuration via text configuration template. Please check both in the user-guide to find the best option for you.

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I like notepad++ compare plugin. Take a unit on the bench that is default. Save the config. Then configure it the way you want the customer router to be, Save that config. open both configs in notepad++, then go to Edit-Line Operations-Sort Ascending. Then use the compare plugin to identify the new configs.
Copy all those new settings to a separate file. In CnMaestro, create a new template with these new settings. then apply the template to the device


This is great advice @maxwire. Thank you for sharing!