Configure cnMatrix DHCP via cnMaestro

how to enable dhcp of cnmatrix from cnmaestro?

i mean, if we are going to enable it from cloud, not on the local gui.

cnMatrix supports DHCP client, relay, and server. Only client is configurable via the cloud. DHCP relay and server are configurable via CLI/Web (local configuration). However, you can execute similar CLI commands for DHCP relay and server in the Switch Group and Switch User-Defined Overrides on cnMaestro and push the configuration. I can provide example of the User-Defined Overrides for dhcp relay or server.
We will extend more configuration coverage on cnmaestro over times.


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Hi @TamN thanks for your support always

I need to make one of the switches in the network a dhcp server.
I can only access them through cnmaestro.
Kindly guide

I need two DHCP servers on a switch where I only have access via cnMaestro(Cloud). Once for VLAN_ID 10(10.10.10.XXX) and once for VLAN_ID30(192.168.20.XXX)
I can’t this in CNmaestro.

Thanks for help