Configure Device Name for cnMatrix using cnMaestro

In the current cloud version (2.2.1-r11), the device name is not configurable for cnMatrix. This support will be enabled in the cloud version 2.3.0. However, changing the device name to be displayed on the current cnMaestro cloud can be done with cnMatrix software release 2.1 as follows:

The hostname on cnMatrix needs to be configured. Next, the connection to cnMaestro needs to be disabled and re-enabled for the change to be recognized.

1) Establish SSH connection to cnMatrix and execute the following commands:
                config terminal
                hostname cnMatrix-12345
                no cnmaestro
                write startup-config
2) Access cnMaestro cloud
In the Networks menu, find your device under the old name and wait for the device to connect online.
Select the Refresh from the device drop-down menu and then click the new device name (see the attached screen).