Configuring AP and SM and routers

I am new to this canopy technology and I was wondering if anyone had a sample design of a Point to multipoint network

I am wondering if i can just use a /30 scopes from my head end AP to my remote SM’s?

Does the AP amd SM need ip addresses and can I use default addresses and will the interfere with my /30 scope?

can i do something like this
Remote Router=

reguardless of the ips on the SMs, you can still reach them from the sessions page on the AP. The ip is is for management purposes and you only use one ip for the AP itself. with that in mind, you can use a /24 for the AP AND the SMs together, or (as we do it) have one ip scheme for all APs on a tower, and another for all customers, then you just set the gateway to the router we use at the tower.

I wouldn’t think you would want a /30 for all sms, besides, you can’t put the ips for all them on the AP and doing that on the router would seem to be overdoing it. I would use the wider block and just enable sm isolation to keep the sms from talking.