Configuring Paid Internet on CnMaestro using Orange Money


A procedure about this subject ?


You will have create an app on which should enable the Orange Money Web Payment DEV API. Orange Money has country specific webpayment API, for example for Cameroon it uses "".  A getting started guide can be found at "". Once you have the Web Payment API enabled for your app then please configure the required fields in Orange Money cnMaestro payment gateway configuration from your correspondin application on the Orange Money portal.

cnMaestro Config Items:

Merchant Key: Provided by Orange Money when you create the account

Consumer Key: Orange Money Application "Authorization header" field value. This is used by cnMaestro API to generate access tokens for the communication with Orange Money server and the payment process. Once you select your application in Orange Money it would display this in their dashboard, i.e. naviagte to "My Apps"-> Click on your App.

Language: Depending on the language requirement of the region where this API is being used, Orange Money shall suggest this language setting based on your API usage location.

Curreny: This value is again driven by Orange Money and they should suggest. For Cameroon then use XAF.

Reference: This value is the "Company Name" value in your Orange Money account profile. This value must have been provided during the account creation as part of the profile information.

Payment URL: Based on your country selected in your Orange Money account it would display the corresponding payment URL to be used and configured in cnMaestro. This information can be found at "". For Cameroon this is "". Please always double check with Orange Money on what payment URL to be used.

Making your application for live for production would require approval with Orange Money and would require direct communication with their help center. Even the sandbox testing would require some assitance from Orange Money in getting the simulator test mobile numbers to be approved. Also check out their FAQ section which might help to understand how this works ""



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Greetings, I have an ewallet app which has seven payment gateways integrated including Paypal,Bank,Stripe & payeer. Users of my wallets can deposit and payout through these payments methods.Now i want to add orange money as a payment gateway offering them option to payout from orange money account.I want to ask if you could help me to integrate orange money into my ewallet app so that my users will be able to payout from orange money account.

Are you using cnMaestro for managing your cnPilot WiFi devices and using some external captive portal where you already use your eWallet App to provide payment options? And now looking for extending it to Orange Money.

You can find more information on how to integrate Orange Money at below link: