im configuring epmp 2000 for the first time....confirm my configss if its ok


Welcome aboard, I see it is your 1st post !!  :)

Depending on what you are trying to achieve your settings look good. Beware though that you have selected all the channels with DFS and you may experience dropouts. I can see that you have countered this by adding alt Freq which is good. But expect drops each time the Freq changes. I would recommend trying a non DFS channel if possible.

You have also opted for no GPS Sync whis is fine, again depending on your own setup and neighbouring WISP's if any whether it is needed.

See how you go and adjust if needed, if you require any help jump on here and I am sure someone will be able to assist.

Well noted . But even with this configuration the  SM havent registered despite very clear line of sight. Not even loading the licence have could help. Kindly advice