Connecting 2028-P Switch via fiber to older HP2626-PWR switch / Port seetings extremly important

Tested connectivity via 10 Gbit port to 1 Gbit Port HP switch:

SFP´s used really cheap ones:

Very important to set speed on both sides manually to 1000. Maxium Port speed at the HP side is 1000.

But needs a manual config entry.

Cambium Port settings:

interface extreme-ethernet 0/1

no shutdown


no negotiation

speed 1000


HP port settings:

interface 25

     speed-duplex 1000-full


Also to "shutdown" and "no shutdown" the ports on both ends helped to establish the link.

See photo attached.

cnMatrix can auto-detect SFP module inserted in the SFP+ port and automatically set the speed to 1G. Peer must also use SFP module and configure for 1G.