Connecting epmp force 200

Hello, am trying to connect two locations using epmp force 200.
but there is no clear line of sight, therefore we had to connect via a mast in the middle of the two locations.
I have 4 epmp force 200 with me. Any ideas on the configurations please?


Are you going to use L2 switch to connect 2 Force200 PTP links?

Thank you.

I am thinking, is it possible to connect the LAN ports on the epmp’s adapters?
will it work?


If it doesn't then all you need is a crossover cable.  (and I'm pretty sure you can do it with a standard ethernet cable)


Thanks Newkirk,
Am doing the configs now, just a quick one, the two epmp in the middle should be configured as access point?
and the once at the two locations as subscriber module?