Connecting the Unconnected - Alaska Edition

Not all manufacturers can handle the harsh or challenging environments our WISP's, Telco's and PUD's are faced with when it comes to providing internet access to those in need.  

The PMP450i 900MHz product can.

When a low-cost competitor's 900MHz product failed to deliver consistent, reliable connections to a very remote section of Alaska's wilderness, the PMP450i 900MHz stepped in.  Not only was the PMP450i able to provide a constant and reliable connection, while easily meeting the current 1Mbps service plan, the PMP450i delivered 30-40x the throughput, in most cases, going directly through a small forestted area.

This customer is very pleased to now have a reliable product that gives them an upgrade path to deliver high data packages, without upgrading hardware, for years to come.  

I witnessed it first hand; Cambium Networks is truly connecting the unconnected.