Connection Problems

I have a AP and SM trying to connect for a PTZ camera. They are 3.5 miles apart. I had the connection on the SM with a rssi of 950 and a jitter of 1 but on the AP it says it has a rssi of 450 and a jitter of 4 or 5. I can ping the AP from the SM but i can’t ping the SM from the AP. I’m thinking it’s an alignment issue. I’ve checked to see if there is any interference but I can’t find any. Anyone got any ideas?

I don’t think it’s a matter of RF signal.
Try to check the settings like “Disable SM isolation” and be sure that both AP and SM have same subnet mask and IP range.
Also be sure not to have NAT enabled.
You can also login locally to the SM or AP using telnet and try to ping the other part. You can also see the ARP table with the command:
arp -a

Set the Network Accessibility : to Enable on the SM’s IP configuration tab.
Check to see if the IP’s are in the same subnet etc.

The ip’s our on the same subnet i’ll try looking at some of the settings. I’m going to try and align it better today or tomorrow.