Connection sometimes, not other times

Does anyone see with the 900 equipment, where you will have an install and it looks as if it has a fine connection (RSSI >1100, Jitter <10) and then later the customer will complain of no signal. You will go back and not be able to get a signal at all? How do you go about troubleshooting this? I’m assuming spectrum analysis but that doesn’t tell very much. What else can be causing this?

Jitter should be below 5. But yes, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Ghost signals…there one day, gone the next. Make sure the customer does not have a 900 mhz phone. I had heard from one customer about not having internet when he was on the phone, but I saw it with my own eyes as I watched the pings time out when I turned on a phone.

We usually have to replace the integrated with a Yagi and SMC.

Just had a problem where the link was fine after installation for a day or so, and then it just dropped off.

Turns out it was the power lines across the driveway. I had to get the antenna to look under the power lines to maintain a link.

Strange, how exactly did you come to that conclusion? Just by repositioning the SM?

On the roof I was getting 8% uplink

On the ground 83%

12’ off the ground 12%

8’ off the ground 73%

Went with 8’ and so far so good.