Connection to CNMaestro On-Premise made via WAN IP not Management IP from SM

Just an observation:

Recently I noticed after elevating an AP that several of the newly elevated SM's could not reach CNMaestro. After looking into it more I found that those customers were in a non-payment status.
When one of our customers is set to non-payment status they get a private IP address and their traffic is routed to the payment wall, everything else is dropped.
These particular SM's are in NAT mode (PPPoE for WAN) with a separate vlan and network for management traffic.

I can't recall if this is something new that has recently started occurring, but I don't remember seeing SM's being offline in CNMaestro when the customers account went to non-payment status. However, until recently we havent had a large number of SM's in NAT mode just bridge mode. Obviously it doesn't affect SM's in bridge mode since they only have the management IP on the SM.

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Hi Robert,

This is an expected behaviour