Connectorized Units

A great plus would be connectorized SM units in the 2.4 and 5.8 range, I would preffer to use a flat panel than a dish…


i would prefer using a 3 or 4 foot dish rather than 2 foot :slight_smile:

oh yes. and also would be nice if we can switch if we want to use the internal (with reflector) or the external antenna, so we can switch to horizontal too…

I believe that connectorized versions of AP’s are available in Europe from Motorola, but not available in the US market for some reason.

You can buy the ATE flavor of connectorized AP from ElectroComm here in the states

Check with Last Mile Gear…

Thay have all kinds of Canopy with external antenna connections. They call it Cyclone - but it is Canopy, with a face lift.