Consensus on 8.2.4?

What does everyone think of this version? Is it worth upgrading?

On any of your p10 boards, yes.

I’ve started deploying it on a few of my network segments - so far so good.

Smae here, have put it on a few devices and no issue so far.

i installed 8.2.4 on one AP and 19 SM’s that connect to that AP.

everything seems to be working just as well as 8.2.2. i’m going to start rolling it out to the rest of the network within a week or two.

It seems like for me that with 8.2.2 sometimes a SM (didn’t seem to matter if it was P9 or P10) would “lock up” and a reboot by the customer of the SM would get it up and going again. Anyone else see this and if so has 8.2.4 resolved it?
I read that i helps i P10 lockups but I seem to remember P9s doing it as well.

It has resolved most of my lock up problems on p8/p9/p10 boards. When i had 8.2.2 on my network customer SMs were constantly locking up.

I’ve upgrade all P10 SM’s and AP’s to 8.2.4. Been running fine for a few weeks now. Still have all P9 SM’s and AP’s running 7.3.6.

8.2.X (including 8.2.4) and all reboot constantly on certain P9 boards that we have, and work fine on others. DHCP/NAT still has problems on 8.2.4. Overall, if your P9 boards don’t reboot with it applied, it’s the best firmware (more packets per second, etc) unless you are using DHCP/NAT. At this point, everyone should be using VLANs with DHCP/NAT being handled somewhere else. On our network we use separate VLANs for each customer with DHCP/NAT provided by our upstream network and not customer equipment to avoid the whole issue.

I can confirm that 8.2.4 seems to be safe.
I upgraded most of my 8.2.2 with no issue.
However 8.2.4 didn’t improve so much my NAT/DHCP issues (fake dhcp leases and general nat problems).
I don’t have any ethernet lockup since I moved from 8.2.1 to 8.2.2.


it is back on the website…i am anxiously awaiting 8.2.5 which they say will fix my p9 idle issues where i have to reboot the AP or SM…

anyone who was experiencing this … WITH P9 HARDWARE … have you had any better success with this issue with 8.2.4? release notes say it addresses p7 p8 lockup issue but not p9.