constant re-reg and bouncing jitter

It is a metal roof, in fact. I have the yagi mounted 6 or 8 inches above it, on the very edge of the roof. Perhaps 5 or 6 inches of the yagi is over the metal roof, the other is clear over the edge.

It actually registered for a few minutes today. But it dropped it after a few minutes.

METAL ROOF??? That’s the problem dude!!!

You either need to elevate the antenna at least 6’ or get it off the roof. Also, the antenna needs to be at the end of the roof closet to the AP, you don’t want the signal traversing the metal roof.

At 900MHz, metal is a mirror. You get all kinds of strong multipath interference from metal buildings, barns, arenas, water towers, etc.

it is on the edge of the roof closest to the AP. I will elevate it some and see the difference that makes.

Thanks for the help.

I’ve fried several 900 SMs with metal roofs. The link works fine for a while, then starts to degrade (despite strong signal level) and eventually it barely works at all. Then it never links up again. I’ve done this to at least two radios mounted 1-2 ft from metal roofs.

I think there is enough signal reflecting back into the radio from the metal roof that it overheats/fries components inside the moto RF front end.