CONSTANT Transmitter output notifications

Hey all.

I'm constantly getting notifications "The Transmitter Output Power limitations for 2.4 GHz band are:"

When I clear all it comes back about 30 seconds later. It's ahappening on ALL of my ePmp APs. (2.4)

My confiuration is as follows.


Output 21

Antenna 12

10Mhz channel

It's happening on Firmware 2.43 and 2.5...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Isaac,

These are just information message which do not force you to take any actions.

We did not hear about that issue before. If you clear all notification messages they will come back only in case you will manually refresh GUI web-page.

Please let me know if anybody else is facing with same issue.

Thank you.

I just pressed "clear all" 14 times in a row without refresh. It's doing it every second now....


Could you create a backup of the configuration (from the Tools->Backup/Restore page, Backup Configuration in text format) of the radio and send it to me via private message? I try duplicating your issue unsuccessfully. Maybe there is something specific in your radio configuration that could be causing this.


Still doing it on 2.5.1.  I seem to notice it only when ACS is enabled.  It happens when in any page except Config->Radio.  For soem reason that page is different and prevents the alert from showing up, over and over.

Thanks dkeltgen. That helps. We'll look into it.


I know it's an old topic - but has anyone resolved this?

Issue has been already fixed in development.

So that defect will not be presented in next FW version.

Thank you

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