Contact person for CnMatrix switch support

We got in our test switch, it is an EX2028-P and I have some configuration questions. Primarily how to enable HTTP. I have SSH access, but I cannot enable HTTP. I can be reached at my contact email address.

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Also, any configuration documentation would be great.

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We had in the lab also. You have to update firmware to the latest and it should work with default settings.


       If you go to the BETA section of Matrix you will have access to the latest FW for the switches and documentation. What configurations are you looking for assistance with? The latest FW supports the WEB Gui.


       Did you find everything that you needed for the testing?


We got ours yestarday. i have logged in using the GUI and Putty.

how do i configure a DNS? 

have to say the layout takes a bit of getting use to.... or is it just me?


Hi Paul,

You can configure DNS server only through CLI. Support in GUI will be in future release.

To configure DNS server, use the command:

config terminal

ip name-server ipv4

To display configured dns server:

show ip dns name-server

To display dns cache:

show ip dns cache