Control slots across multipl co-lo aps

I have three co-located 900integrated aps at 906,915 and 924 on a motorola cmm for gps timing.

They are all set to control slot 0. One has has 25 subs on it the other two have less than 10 each. Should I set the one with 25+ to slot 1 and leave the others at 0?

I’ve read in the forum that all aps should be on the same control slot ( I admit I don’t have a clear understanding of what a control slot actually does) but will this make a difference because of the spread in number of subs on each ap

all are set for 75% down and 4mi range.

What recommendations can you give and what might you expect me to experience if I mix and match the control slots?

You should match the control slots as well for synchronization purposes. In your case set all 900’s in your network to 1.

Control slots are like time slots. Only a certain number of SM’s will have slots telling them when they can communicate, so when you deploy more SM’s you [u:16rf58yu]may[/u:16rf58yu] need to increase the Control Slots value on the AP so that they aren’t trying to talk over one other. Keep in mind that as you add more control slots it takes away from the available data that can be sent in the packet. This essentially lowers the bandwidth around 100kbps per control slot.

From the Canopy Manual:

1-10 users on AP: Set Control slots to 0
11-50 users on AP: Set Control slots to 1
51-150 users on AP: Set Control slots to 2
151-200 users on AP: Set Control slots to 3