control slots Q & A

my control slots are set to 2 from what i understand that shuld let me have 100 sms but i have 54 sms on 1 AP and only 49-50 will stay on at the same time and if they reboot the SM some one will get on and the other will get kick’t off totaly random who gos out so i know its not a signal issue anyone have any ideas? thanks

try reducing the control slots to 1

Page 247 of the latest Canopy Manual:

1-10 users on AP: Set Control slots to 0
11-50 users on AP: Set Control slots to 1
51-150 users on AP: Set Control slots to 2
151-200 users on AP: Set Control slots to 3

If you have high bandwidth users then you may need to increase the #

1) How many AP’s on the tower?
2) Omni or directional?
3) Do everything have GPS sync?
4) set all AP’s to same max range, downlink %, control slots

i have a omni 360 antenna 1 AP with a packet flux sync pipe

900mhzdude wrote:
i have a omni 360 antenna 1 AP with a packet flux sync pipe

Have you tried RF balancing?

Any other 900MHz AP’s within 10 miles?

I am not the original poster of this subject, but - Jerry - what advice would you give him for AP(s) within 10 miles?

Just curious - I recently found out that I am in that Elite group. Yeehah. My competition has discovered Canopy…

We have a 2.4AP with over 100 clients and 4 control slots…works just fine.

Are you running Prizm?..If so try disabling AUTHENTICATION on the AP and Watch the SM’s to see if they all register.

Also I know of another ISP running 900AP’s with 100 clients connected

Turn off all your 900’s and turn each into an SM. Use the AP Eval Data to determine if any of your AP’s can hear any other AP’s and the relative strength.

Contact the other operator and co-ordinate SW versions, Freqs, DL%, Max distance, and Control Slots. If they cannot or will not co-ordinate with you, try to get the values so that you can use the Frame Calculator tool to set your values.

all awsome replys i do not have a prizim i am in sync with all AP’s within 20mi of me …i just found out that a WISP in my area is hireing teen kids
to subotage my stuff but i can not prove that and i dont think they are smart anuf to know im useing canopy…but anyway i have a nather Q how many SMs can 1 900Mhz canopy AP handel before i need to start adding more APs?

We like to keep it around 30 or less for bandwidth reasons - however I have heard of people loading a lot more customers on an AP… Not sure what sort of speeds they sell! :slight_smile:

BW per AP depends on BW per SM.

anywhere from 30 to 80.

my AP has 10Mbs BW with a 20Mbs BH and a NetEQ for load balanceing
im up to 53 Sms on my AP gamers are complaning about lag but evryone els is fine

They would… the NetEQ is probably delaying their packets :slight_smile: