control slots

Canopy_Support wrote:
How do the link tests look?
The first or second field will be bandwidth request timeout. Is this value increasing?

Doesn't this value typically increase slowly over time regardless of the AP being overloaded?

If not, what are your recommendations for the following SM connections to an AP using software scheduling:

1 - 10
11 - 50
51 - 150
151 - 200

Per the documentation, a value of 3 is recommended for software scheduling, but the docs also state: "Where congestion occurs from the control overhead in predominantly small packets, setting this parameter to 4 may be better."

And the same statement goes for a value of 7.

Where can this congestion be checked?

On the SM running software scheduler under Expanded Stats/uplink stats.

You will most likely see this number increasing but not dramatically. If it is a dramatic increase then you should up your slots. I have seen customers who have a screen refresh of 2 seconds and every refresh this number increased by 10-12. This means the AP is tied up with other requests and by increasing the slots you give it the ability to answer quicker.

Putting a number around this is difficult because it all depends on the type of traffic. I wish I could give a solid number. I suggest that you graph latency to a few SM’s, up the slots, then review the latency charts to see if there is any improvement.

How do you determine whether congestion is occurring under HW scheduling? I no longer see the Uplink Statistics option available.