Convert FCC-locked radios to RoW

Hi there,

We stay in South Africa and bought 37 Cambium Force 200 refurbished units from a seller in the US on Ebay.

He did not mention to us that the units is locked in United States, FCC radios and we use ROW in South Africa, the units is now utterly useless to us and cost us a heck of a lot of money. The client refuses now to refund us and does not reply to our messages anymore. So I am stuck with 37 radios that does not work on our network that we have been building for the past 3 years…

Is there ANY WAY that someone could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE assist us with this as this is a lot of money for us and we cannot afford to lose this money, I am preprared to buy new licenses if I have just, at least we can then use these radios.

I would DEARLY appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance

Hi @GerhardtMare,

For Cambium support requests, please create a ticket at



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