Converting Pathloss PL4 and PL5 files to Link Planner

Hello,  I have just discovered Link Planner and need to convert my .pl4 and .pl5 into LinkPlanner files.  I followed the instructions on the User Guide by converting them to .txt files and still no luck.  The error message says to chnage the datum to WGS194 so I did that.  Here is a test file attached.

Hi Alan,

Welcome to the Cambium Community.

Unfortunately we cannot read the PathLoss pl4 and pl5 files directly into LINKPlanner. We can import the Path Profile information that you have in Path Loss, including obstructions, which will also import the site names and coordinates and link information about which site is connected to which. You will then need to configure the equipment within LINKPlanner.

In Pathloss 5 the text report is built by clicking Operations, PL5 reports. In the Composite reports window click Terrain profile listing, then click Print selected links. Save the resulting output as Text Format (*.TXT). Multiple sites can be included in the same file.

LINKPlanner can only support path profiles from Pathloss with a Datum of World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 1984) or North American 1983. Please configure this in PathLoss before creating the Terrain Profile listings.

If you have any problems can you please send the Terrain profile listing (and pl5 file if you wish) to I am sorry but I can't see your test file you refer to.