Convince me to switch to PMP450 from ePMP

Hey all,

We are a small WISP with a few thousand ePMP SM's installed out in the wild but we filling up AP's with 100 SM's a lot of time. Would this be a good time to start upgrading to or using PMP450 at any new sites?  Is the benifit a huge jump in performance over the ePMP2000?

We are at a point where we can offer the customer PMP450 and not have to hike up installation costs. 



I think if you're getting to the point where you're putting 100 SM's on an ePMP AP, then I think cnMedusa is probably going to be your tool of choice.

Curious, how are you 100 SM ePMP AP's holding up? Can you share any additional information or details on some of these highly loaded sectors? I'm sure the forum would love to hear some details, and pictures. Thanks!

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I think the same thing Eric Ozrelic, could you tell us something.


JuanFran Jimenez