Copying Subscriber Modules

I have been tasked with mapping the effective range of our equipment.  I'm doing this by laying subscriber modules at regular intervals from a tower and recording the signal strength.  However, it is tedious having to lay down subscribers for each tower.  Is it possible to copy a group of subscriber modules and paste them in a new location?


When you copy a subscriber module you also copy the subscriber place, which contains the location information. If you want a subscriber at a new location then you need to create a new subscriber. However, there are several features that can assist you:

- Equipment templates - define templates for the AP/SM configurations that you are investigating. New SMs will take the settings from the default template (or the template used to create the AP). You can apply a template to an existing AP to update all of the attached SMs. See

- Import from KML / Paste sites from Google Earth - If your SM locations are already in Google Earth/KML format then you can import them into LINKPlanner.

- Import from CSV - you can import sites and PMP links from a CSV file if you have the sites or links defined.

You can also move sites around in the embedded Google Map view, but this only works when sites are unconnected.