Core Network, Simple Questions

Hello Everyone,
I am new in Canopy solution and I am going to design simple network for tests. Generally, I know how IP networks works but I don’t know how does ip routing looks like inside canopy core network.

Just few questions which help my design or ask another…

1. May I mix private and public addresses under one AP?

2. How does network knows to which AP deliver incoming to user traffic ?
Is this knowledge based on static routes defined to each SM (inside central router) where suitable AP (or CMM) is a gateway?

3. Does CMM do any routing functions?

4. If I would use configuration - DHCP Client on SM, do I have to divide network for C class networks which belongs to one AP?

Thanks for any response,
Piotr Jonarski

  1. Yes you can mix private and public IPs up to give to your customers.
    2. Each AP and SM has Color Code so it register to the right Network. Just have to set it up right.
    3. Im not sure I dont use the CMM
    4. Never tried that way.

    I hope this helps a little, just doing my best to help around here.

Hello piotrjonarski,

2. It knows by MAC address.

3. The CMM is a POE switch designed for a Canopy cluster. The CMM also provides a timing sync over the power so the AP’s transmit and recieve at the same time.

The CMM, AP, and SM are layer 2 devices. If you send a broadcast packet out, it will go to all customers.

You will want to read the users manual as it shows you a typical layout.


PWH, louis.arsenault,
Thanks for yours answers…but I still don’t understand forwarding issue.

Lets say, we have SM without NAT,
we have received ip packet from network.What will be of source MAC address? border router?

>> 2. It knows by MAC address. Does it means that AP works as a bridge?
and SM in network belongs to one VLAN? Of course when no more VLAN are defined.

>>You will want to read the users manual as it shows you a typical layout.
Do you mean User Guide which can be downloaded from Motorola Canopy pages?


The AP works as a bridge. By default the SM works as a bridge. On my network I have a router at each tower site that hands out DHCP information to all customer Routers/PC’s.

In the Canopy System Release 8 User Guide issue 1a on page 105 shows a typical layout of a tower site.

Also section 13 goes over how to setup your IP network.

You asked what the source MAC would be. The customers equipment(PC/Router) would send packets to whatever the next router hop would be. So the customers equipment would know the core routers MAC. Also the core router would know the customers MAC.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your answers. Now it is clear for me.
best regards,