Correct parameters for set a link (Problem).

Dear all,

I want to know, what are the main parameters that I have to configure to set a link?

I always have troubles when I install pmp 450, exactly I can't get level reception. I have the same color code both in AP and SM and installation color code in disable, and in few cases I can´t get level rx.

In all cases I have a clear LOS, which could be the problem?

Maybe the "distance parameter" is an influential parameter that I have to change.

the settings in the device itself doesn't set the power, unless your looking at what the AP hears, then auto power control will try and keep the radio at the preset power.  if your not getting the forecast results, check to be sure the Fresnel zone is clear, seeing the tower and having a clear path are different things.   

next double check your sector tilt.     antenna tilt can make or break a multipoint system.    ensure your pipe is exactly level, not close but exact. and adjust your tilt to reach as far as you want to reach,  aiming to high or too low can seriously degrade your link.     

also how are you forecasting your links?  the cambium link planner tool is usually dead on unless there is a mechanical error or problem with the path that hasn't been input into the system

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I use the link planner of cambium and I also check carefully azimut and tilt, but I can't get level (sometimes). Let me explain further, I have to play putting in disable or enable this parameter: color code installation, and this is one of my questions, which is the degree of importance of this parameter?.

and as I said in my post, maybe I don't have the correct config of the equipments for set a link, independent of setting azimut or tilt, for example sometimes I have configured and set azimut and tilt and OK, other example I configured and I get a level of -79 dbm and we couldn't get this level go down, it doesn't matter if we move azimut or tilt, I updated the release from 1.3 to 1.4 and look level of -67 dbm (same as linkplanner) I couldn't understand why, I just was looking for the radio part independent from lan or nat or vlan, other time I configured same as the other equipments and i didn't get level? not -94 dbm, not -90 dbm, nothing, we had to put in stand by this client (link planner predicted a -55 dBm level, and the LOS was clear, also the fresnel zone was clear).

Other details: We also work with other equipments diferent from cambium and azimut and tilt is like a child game due the whole expirence that we have in radio.