Correct upgrade procedure 3.5.6 to 4.3.2

We wish to start using only force 300 CPEs on our network going forward. We have primary 1000s and a couple of 2000s.  In order to use 300s, I understand the APs need to be running 4.3.2  My question is, do we need to upgrade all the Force 200s that are currently using 3.5.6 to t4.3.2 and if so, do we need to upgrade all the CPEs before the AP? 

If we update the CPEs to 4.3.2 will they connect to a 3.5.6 AP or will the clients all be disconnected until we upgrade the AP?

I always upgrade CPE's before AP they usually connect back to the AP even though its not on the same firmware. Since this is 4.3.2 I would upgrade one radio first see if it reconnects to the sector thats on 3.5.6. Do you have a test bench you could try it out on? That would be more ideal.

3.5.x SM will connect to 4.3.2 AP (if 1k/2k) without issues. You’ll only see a wrong reported signal in monitor -> wireless on your AP, but it will run without issues.
I suggest you to upgrade all SMs to 4.3.2 and then the AP to 4.3.2.

We did this procedure on some of our APs without issues.

If you leave some SMs to 3.5.x without upgrading them on a 4.3.2 AP you’ll see some disconnections in some situations, so I suggest you to upgrade everything to 4.3.2. Anyway, bug fix will come :slight_smile:

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