Could Canopy BH20 Upgraded From V4.2.3 to V10.6 without follow Upgrade Path

Hi. I have a link with Canopy BH20 with FW version 4.2.3. I already downloaded CNUT and FW version from 10.6 to 13.4.1, but i dont know if the upgrade to the final version is posible, without follow the upgrade path between V4.2.3 and V10.6. Someone please tell me, where i find and download that FW versions between V4.2.3 and  V10.6? o i dont need and upgrade directly to V10.6 and so on?.


Woah, congratulations on having the oldest firmware I've ever heard of running on this type of hardware. How long has the link been in place? Any uptime photos you can share?

So the bad news here is that this gear has been EOL'd for some time now, and is no longer supported by Cambium.

I'm not familiar enough with the BH20 to give you a definitive answer, however, I know it's cousins with the PMP100 series. You would need to step up to a 7.x version (you might also have to convert from software to hardware scheduling, and you should also check to see if you are using AES or DES encryption) first before then moving up to 13.4.1... and while you could step up directly from 7.x to 13.4.1, there's a chance that the radios might reset to factory defaults, so if this is a production link, you will need to take incremental steps... which I don't know exactly what versions to use. If you have problems with updating these super old radios using CNUT, take a look at THIS post, you might need an older version of CNUT.

NOTE! the files and steps below are intended for PMP100 update and software to hardware scheduling... BUT they might work for your BH20... I don't really know, so if this breaks/bricks your gear I won't be held liable.

You can find a link to the firmware file(s) HERE.

The instructions to convert to hardware scheduling are as follows:

1. In CNUT discover the SM. 
2. refresh the SM to make sure CNUT is talking to them 
3. select all SM's to be changed 
4. In CNUT select Tools/Configure Advantage scheduler/check selected network elements and ok. 
5. In the pop up select 7.3.6 software
6. apply config, hardware scheduling, propagate, active. (don't forget to check box the element!) 
7. The screen should say it found elements if so 
8. run now , It will set them to hardware mode 
9. Upgrade software on SM's to latest version

PS... you could save yourself a LOT of trouble and get a TON more BW and warranty, and support by simply spending a couple hundred bucks and buying an ePMP bridge in a box.


Hi Eric.

                 In first place, thanks for collaborating to the solution of my problem. I tell you that the equipment is in service for about 14 years approximately uninterrupted, awesome !! I have already planned an upgrade of the service, so if you leave it out of formal productivity, I can try to upgrade the FW. I love them so much with these radios and their robustness and reliability that I will surely find another utility. Investigating the online documentation I just needed the version 7.3.6 that is the one that provides the path to the upgrade to the higher versions. Thanks again and I'll be posting the feedback on how everything turned out.

a hug.

Great, glad I could help! Answered solution and kudos are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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