Country_code Country not supported on this SKU / Failed To Push Configuration To Device

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I m from Myanmar . My cambium cnPilot E500 AP with Software Version - 3.5.2-r4 . Failed To Push Configuration To Device via CnMaestro and Error is country_code Country not supported on this SKU . There is Myanmar included in Country-Code and i choosed Vietnam . But sucessfully to syn in E401 with Software Version - 3.5.2-r4 and selected countery code is other . Any advice ???? 

Within the GUI of the AP (not through cnMaestro) does it give you the option to select Myanmar?

Please share output of below two CLI commands and model number to check SKU of the device.

1) show country-codes

2) show version

Please these iformation to my email ID


Kiran Raval

No . There is no option to select countery code as Myanamr in Local AP GUI . Thanks 

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I will collect data and email to you . Thanks 


Myanmaar country code support is not avilable in CnPilot AP's. Same will be available in upcoming releases.

While Myanmar is not supported, it is still possible to use your cnPilot device legally according to the regulatory domain in Myanmar.

You just need to be aware of the allowed Channels (in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) and allowed transmit power. Once you know this you can adjust the settings on your device accordingly.

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