County Regulates Unlicensed Spectrum???


I build out a grain elevator with the norm - 2.4ghz backhaul (Non line of site to closest tower) 2.4 HPOL omni, 9000APC with 8dBi omni. All is happy and well.

Then I hear from a neighboring WISP. They’ve been run out of the county by the county.

Evidently this county paid 20 million to install some type of emergency backup system - all Alvarion 900mhz gear. Evidently that isn’t kosher - they are supposed to use a 4.9ghz band for that or something. Their solution? Instead of moving their equipment to the correct frequency they now regulate ALL unlicensed traffic.

This means I have to submit an application to the county “asking” if I can use the unlicensed spectrum. They say yes or no and tell me what if any of the spectrum I can use. Evidently that refuse to allow any 900mhz to be used.

WTF? Has anyone else experienced this? It is illegal right?

To make matters worse, this same county requires permits before mounting any antennas/equipment on exisiting structures such as grain elevators.

The same county also requires me to take out a permit for EVERY install and have an electricians license even though the state has no such requirements and all I am dealing with is low voltage.

Can they do this? Are the cable and telephone companies paying them off THAT MUCH?

Use of the 900mhz or any FCC unlicensed spectrum is subject to Part 15 of the FCC rules and regulations. The county has no say who can use these bands as long as you are within Part 15…

Now if you plan to operate a business and you need a business license to operate in the county, then that’s where they got you.

20M? Sounds like they got taken to the cleaners. Do they need any other projects done?

Seriously, right or wrong it’s in place and they got the spectrum first. Personally it does not sound like a place I would want to do business.

Even if you were able to fight and win (a minimum of a year and could be dragged on indefinitely) you would be operating in a hostile environment. Everything you do will be challenged.

The antenna thing, they absolutely can regulate that.

They don’t have to use 4.9, but you can’t. Since they are there first, they can require you to co-ordinate and the FCC will back them up.

They can require you to have a low voltage electrical license, be insured and bonded, carry Workers Comp, and the whole nine yards.

I’d start looking for cities with RFP’s for WiFi or look for another County to operate in that is WISP friendly.

Do they ban all 900Mhz cordless phones too?

meister wrote:
Do they ban all 900Mhz cordless phones too?

And 5.8Ghz or 2.4GHz that have 900Mhz modulation....