Couple of Quick Questions

We are really new to this Motorola business. While we have been researching Canopy for over a year, as of today we have one cluster of 6-5700AP’s and 0 SM’s :slight_smile:

We do have a very succesful 5200BH P2P system driving IP Telephony on a remote shelf. Can I put a 5700SM on the same pole as my 5200BH Slave? (with a few feet separation)


I want to use 5700 BackHauls initially for a few other 5700AP clusters. What is the best way to spread out the 5.8ghz frequencies.


Patrick K. McHugh


Yes you can put a 5700SM on the same pole as a 5200BH, just leave a few feet vertical seperation so that you can actually work on them if you have to… Nothing worse than working on a down system and accidentaly bumping one that is working perfect and pushing it out of alignment.

Considering that you are new to the canopy systems, I would highly suggest looking through the Canopy System User Guide. Lots of stuff for begginers, a little dry but lots of info.

You can use 5700BH’s with 5700AP’s, as long as the channels are clear, there are 3 non overlapping channels that can be used on the AP’s, and there will be 1 non overlapping channel that the Backhaul can use. Remember make sure that the channels you plan on using do not have interference on them.

Canopy Operators Manual!


Jerry I have been following your posts, thanx for your attention to this forum. By “Canopy Operators Manual” I hope you mean the Canopy System User Guide" and yes I just downloaded and printed the latest version.

I have gone through the training, and have had a demo kit for several months. I just want to make sure all is well before we put that first SM online. (which by the way will be the on stacked under my 5200BH.) One thing I have learned, it is hard to change too much after the fact…

For what it is worth, it seems a little easier to understand you forum-folks than motorola-ese…


Cool, welcome to the community

To answer your question, if you are using 5700APs and 5700BH’s you should try to push the 6 AP’s onto three non-overlapping frequencies at the quieter end of the spectrum, and then put the BH all the way at the other end.

Have the opposing AP’s each share the same frequency.

Put as much physical distance between the AP’s and the BH as possible and use a reflector to narrow the beam. If you have too much power on the BH link you can switch to low power mode - there is an 18dB difference from high power to low power mode.

Hope this helps