Coverage Extender with solar?

We have a customer that we’re building a private network for. It’s a municipal water authority and they’ll be using it primarily for surveillance and SCADA. I need to put up a relay site, powered by solar, with a SM, Coverage Extender, and AP, all running from a 48VDC battery bank. I know the power supply that comes with the Coverage Extender is rated at 0.8A, 56 VDC, but I can’t find out what the actual current requirements are for the Coverage Extender. I know it will change with the number of APs attached, but I’m hoping someone out there has one on the bench right now and could check the current draw with the supplied power supply or with 48 VDC. Thanks.

I don’t know the draw, but I would be surprised if it’s more than 2-3W plus 7W per radio.