Coverage Extender

We use motorolla canopy 2.4Ghz with advantage Ap. We have a coverage extender with 3 advantage AP.
We are isp and we have some losses on our client SM.
70% of our client are on the same AP and the Coverage extender SM is registered on this ap.
I don’t think that this ap have bandwith congestion because there is less than 4.5 Mb but there is at lest 60 Suscriber Module registered on it.

So I want to know :
- Is it becaus of too much sm that we have those losses and big ping delay?
- Can we use 5Ghz SM on the range extender, registered on a 5Ghz Ap on the central site (the 5Ghz Ap will have the same sync signal generated by the cmmicro)
- If we use a 7th ap with color cod to force some SM to registered on it. In the same direction, what can be the frequency for it (we use 2415 , 2435, and 2457.5)

I would say you’re reaching the PPS (packet per second) rate limit on your SM if you’re seeing losses. That is quite a bit of traffic to push through a single SM.

Thank for ur answer.
You think that i reached the pps on my sm ?
Can the pps of only one sm make ping losses on few sm on the same ap ?
how can i know if i reached it ?
Can u give me answer for my other questions, how to force my range extender to registered on an other ap (in the same range or in an other range) to have less traffic on it.

I’m sorry - I misread your post the first time. You’re having losses on the AP that the coverage extender and its connected APs are associated to. It still sounds to me like you’re reaching some kind of packet limit rate on the AP, but it could be interference as well.

As you are feeding about 60 subscribers from your coverage extender I would recommend you look at a backhaul solution for those sites. That one SM hooked to the coverage extender could be sapping your APs resources if it’s active enough (many small packets will kill you before larger high bandwidth ones will).

As far as the 7th AP route - I believe you’d need 50-100ft of vertical separation and channel planning. Assuming your coverage extender is on an AP using 2415 and the APs directly next to that AP the SM is connected to are using 2435, you should be able to place your 7th SM above or below (remember using that 50-100’ vertical separation) and run it on 2457.5.

Personally I’d recommend going with a backhaul and a different frequency band - 5.3, 5.4, 5.7. 5.7 will get you farther than 5.3 and 5.4 will though.

Hope that made sense!